A series of landscapes, representing various parts of the US, were created using Budget’s branded shapes and colors. The banners would dynamically load a specific landscape based on the IP address of the user. In retargeting banners, the offer and car in the final frame would be selected to reflect the user’s previous visit to


For the initial launch, landscapes depicting woodlands, a shoreline, rolling hills and an open road were created.

When I started working with the AVIS BUDGET GROUP, the treatments for the BUDGET and the BUDGET TRUCK banners were exactly the same. The two brands shared the same visual guidelines, but I was still able to fully distinguish the two. BUDGET utilized vector landscapes, while BUDGET TRUCK showcased lifestyle imagery and a official truck playfully replaced the logo.

Avis Budget Group was redeveloping their brands and they asked me to explore new design concepts for those I worked on. The only constraint was that the font used had to be Arial. This AVIS lifestyle banner campaign combined seasonal photography with a text overlay, emphasizing the offer.


This was a fun opportunity to try something different. The campaign ran for several months. One of the challenges was finding photography that would work in the various banner sizes.

When I first started working with the ABG brand team, AVIS banners often featured a red car on a red background. During this time, I created a uniform font treatment that facilitated Spanish, French and Portuguese translations and drew more attention to the offer. I also used an A-shaped masking effect to transition one frame to another, redesigned the CTA and established the use of a black car.