Accenture’s Growth Studio needed a new poster format to walk potential clients through a workshop case study. This 4×8’ poster presented the need, approach and impact of the previous workshop, utilizing some of the visual assets created for the day and photos of the event itself.

I created design guidelines for Accenture’s Growth Studio to give their presentations a more consistent and sophisticated look. The resulting PPT template provided a variety of layouts to establish and enforce margins and content areas. It also provided examples of font and color usage for designers and strategists alike to build new slides, tables, graphs, etc.

During a workshop with Johnson & Johnson, Accenture created a day-in-the-life scenario to illustrate a potential consumer-centric experience that J&J could deliver through a partnership with Walgreens. For this presentation, I visualized various moments in the presentation’s script which introduces the audience to Marcia as she applies online participate in J&J’s wellness program and uses a networked, wearable device to track her health, receive J&J product recommendations and make orders via Alexa, and facilitate her appointment with a physician at her local Walgreens.

The events and activities of the Accenture Growth Studio’s workshops were highlighted in this book, which included additional notes pages at the end of each section so participants could take notes specific to a particular activity or presentation. A playful use of photography presents thematic and provocative images, that were not too on the nose, to allow for “ah-ha” moments.

Lucy McDiarmid received her Ph.D. from Harvard University and is currently Marie Frazee-Baldassarre Professor of English at Montclair State University. This online CV allows visitors to explore McDiarmid’s professional history as scholar and writer and find updates on her current works. The site’s header presents Great Blasket Island, home to three noted Irish writers: Tomás Ó Criomhthain, Peig Sayers and Muiris Ó Súilleabháin.

This chart illustrates the potential development and interaction of a company’s core business and new business over time, highlighting the decisive moment of the pivot into new business. This pivot, like the overall process shown, would repeat, over and over.

This PPT deck was used by the marketing team of SYZYGY’s New York office during new business meetings. Images of astronomical alignment were used to enable the presenter to familiarize a potential client with the company’s unusual name.

What is syzygy? How is it pronounced? This seemed to cross the minds of many SYZYGY employees as well as potential customers. I developed this ven diagram concept to get these questions out of the way as the marketing team promoted the company’s new New York office.

A series of landscapes, representing various parts of the US, were created using Budget’s branded shapes and colors. The banners would dynamically load a specific landscape based on the IP address of the user. In retargeting banners, the offer and car in the final frame would be selected to reflect the user’s previous visit to Budget.com.


For the initial launch, landscapes depicting woodlands, a shoreline, rolling hills and an open road were created.